Polar Pen

£50.00 £10.00

-13 rare-earth magnets
-10 ball bearings
-2 stylus tips
-Pen clip
-Smooth gel ink
-0.4 mm black ink cartridge included

Get your polar pen in electroplated gold or polished silver!

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Product Description

The Polar Pen is the first pen made up entirely of magnets, using 13 rare earth neodymium magnets that form a cylindrical tube around the ink cartridge, the pen can be constructed and broken apart in a simple snap. Bored at work? Have some free time? Got writers block? These magnets will keep you entertained for hours, with endless fidgeting possibilities. Pretend to be magneto watching the magnets repel eachother as you reverse the polarity, or just snap and break them apart till you get bored.

Don’t wanna use it as a pen? Just remove the magnets from the rest of the ink cartridge and play with them separately. Along with the 8 cylindrical neodymium magnets, we also include 8 small ball bearings and 2 large ones, make hundreds of creations. With the polar pen you will never be bored again!

Along with a ballpoint pen, this magnetic pen boasts a stylus tip, so when you move from paper to your iPad, no need for a new pen. Whether your surfing the net or doing complex drawings we include 2 stylus tips, one for each. This is the best pen for everyman. The only pen you will ever need, if you run our of ink, any compatible 0.4 mm refill will fit and you can keep writing, forver!


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