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Neodymium Magnetic Spheres

I'm not a big fan of desktop toys, they are messy, have too many parts or are just outright useless. I was looking for something new, something to keep my mind occupied during work breaks at my desk, or something to fiddle with whilst I work. The first time I grabbed the Neodymium Magnetic Spheres (wow what a mouthful, lets just call them by their former name, bucky balls); I was instantly addicted. I was going to shout something like EUREKA, or something like that, maybe I could have shouted it in my head, don't want to get into any trouble.

But how, how can tiny metal balls satisfy my cravings for fiddling. Well let me give you some more information. Buckyballs are made of a rare earth metal known as Neodymium, it is one of the naturally magnetic metals on earth. Apparently, after some googling and a quick internet search, buckyballs are the roundest and the most symmetrical molecular structure known to man. As the atoms are naturally magnetic, every molecule has poles, that's how they work. Cool huh?

Buckyballs aren't just a lump of boring magnetic balls, because of their magnetism and shape, you can scrunch them, pull them, bounce them and roll them, also you make some cool shapes if you put some time in. We sell sets of 100 for free, with well ahem £10 shipping. Not much really. You do get 216 balls a pack. Yes 216!

Make cubes, stars, bigger spheres any shape you like, they are like lego but much cooler, much simpler and more of an adult's gift than a "toy". Heres a disclaimer: I advise that buckyballs aren't given to small children as the balls are 5mm small and can easily be swallowed.

Overall I think they are a pretty cool toy. I mean "adults gift". They will make boring work days a little less dull, your skype calls a little more tolerable and maybe even awaken the creative genius inside you. And when someone approaches asking why you haven't said anything all day, you've got a comeback that can't be beat: "I'm playing with my balls. Wanna join me?"

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